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Complete for 2

Get it all in one package.

  • 4 hr
  • 600 US dollars
  • Barger Road

Service Description

This package includes: Recording - up to 4 hours of studio time Comping Noise Reduction Treatment Special Processing Pitch and Time Corrections Manuel Mixing Manuel Mastering Recording This is my biggest and best package for 1 song with 2 artist and may have up to 8 tracks of vocals. It includes up to 4 hours of recording time. Comping the vocals, which is picking out the best parts of multiple takes and using only the best parts for each vocal take to use in a vocal track of the song. Noise reduction treatment Certain sounds like smacks, mouth clicks, heavy breathing, cell phone buzzing, wind, bumping the mic, and plosives can really come out louder than you want when adding effects and processing. Even inaudible frequencies can cause build ups that effect the measurements of a song giving the song an unpolished result. It's just another step in making a production sound it's best and is usually done before mixing. The Best mixing which is done manually. That includes bussing audio tracks and adding effects like, vocal riders, sibilance control, compression, equalization, saturation, delay, and reverb on vocals. Special Processing- Want to add reverse reverb effects like Reyanna in her Rock Star song, stutters and chops like Black Eye Peas, scratching like Limp Bisket, or vocoders like 2Pac and Dr. Dre in California Love? Special processing can really make a song stand out and some songs may benefit from having more or less. Pitch and time corrections- Every song and vocalist are different, and some may require more work than others. Any pitch and time corrections done with melodyne can make you sound on point and in key without robotic sounding artifacts that you hear when using autotunes. (Autotunes is optional). (NOTE, if you cannot sing somewhat in time or on Key at all, do not expect perfection. There is only so much I can do.) This Package also includes a Mastered Version targeting an integrated -14 LUFS with a true peak of -2db striving for best results when distributed to multiple streaming platforms like Spotify and itunes.

Cancellation Policy

Client may reschedule with a 24-hour notice. All payments are final and non-refundable. Sessions are billed from the officially booked start time, not from when clients arrive.  If client arrives an hour late, that does not mean client will be able to run an hour past the session end time at no extra charge.

Contact Details

  • 11441 Barger Rd, Tuscaloosa, AL, USA


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