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Zizzer Productions is a professional home-based recording studio located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  Don't feel like spending a fortune or driving hours to get to a big time recording studio?  No worries.  We have all the tools it takes to get your recordings to industry standards locally and for an affordable price.  Music is our passion, and we focus on making you sound excellent.

40 Mixing Tools We Use That Will Change Your Life




We record straight into the DAW using an Apollo twin interface with 2 Mic or Line inputs and 1 Hi-Z Line input. We have a selection of guitar amps and preamps to choose from including...


  • Apollo Twin

  • Steinberg UR22 MKII


  • Avalone

  • Neve 1073 and 1084

  • UA 610A and B

Guitar Amps

  • Chandler Gav19t​

  • Diezel Herbert

  • ENGL Savage 120

We use many different types of processors such as equalizers, compressors, saturators, pitch correction, delays, reverbs, modulators, and noise reduction tools, from many different companies including, but not limited to...​





We have a few different microphones to choose from here at the studio. As of today, 1/14/2022, we have the following...

  • Wa47 large diaphragm condenser microphone by Warm Audio

  • Wa8000 large diaphragm condenser microphone by Warm Audio 

  •  sE Electronics V7 handheld dynamic microphone


I mainly use the instruments I have for my own personal productions but here are a few I use.

  • MK3 LaunchKey keyboard

  • A Roland and Simmons electric drum set that I put together as one 16-piece unit.

  • Electric guitar with midi pickups

  • An acoustic / electric guitar

  • A bass guitar

  • Saxophone

  • Harmonicas

  • Microphones


VST plugin Icon.png


Virtual Instrments


We mix and master in an acoustic treated room with studio quality monitors calibrated for the space. 

  • Yamaha 6"

  • Yamaha 3.5"

  • Presonus Sub 10"

  • Crappy cell phone speakers "we want it to sound good on everything"

We have a variety of different virtual instruments to choose from when producing music. We have a bunch, but here is a list of a few I use the most.

  • Omnisphere

  • Harmor

  • Superior Drummer 3

  • Keyscape

  • Trilion

  • FPC




We use the Beringer Universal Control Surface to digitally control the Daw 

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