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We are flexible on our rates and services, especially if a package doesn't quite fit your needs.  Our passion is to help local musicians record with industry sounding quality.
 Don't feel like spending a fortune or driving hours to get to a big time recording studio?  No worries.  We have all the tools it takes to get your recordings to industry standards locally and for an affordable price.  Music is our passion, and we focus on making you sound excellent. All rates include an engineer.

Studio time


When you get studio time

  • You can record to a beat or sing acapella to a metronome.

  • You can come and record an instrument.

  • You can choose which microphone to use.

  • Record only or Record with a mixing and mastering package. (Get package at time of booking and save money)

We do all types of music.  We are here to help you get the best quality of recording, provide tips and guidance on how to get the best sound out of a mic, and give you a comfortable setting so you can shine with your creativity and perform your best. 


If you are recording vocals on a beat purchased online, you can send the beat to my email, and I can have it ready when you arrive. 


Only 2 people may come, no extra guests.  Please call if you have multiple people that are recording.  We may need to book multiple sessions or make arrangements to book a whole day. 

We love to record but we really love Mixing

We offer sessions that include recording, mixing, and mastering all in one packaged deal.  The packages are created mostly for people who have a premixed beat and want to have their vocals tracks mixed onto the beat.   


mixing vocals into a song is one thing but mixing every instrument in a song is something completely different.  Each instrument needs to be treated a different way.  Some songs may only have 4 tracks of instruments while other songs may have 30 different instruments.  If you want to have the instruments or stems in a song mixed, just call for a quote.


If you already have the vocals recorded and you just need an engineer to mix them, we can do that too.  However, we don't have any packages built for that and it will have to be done on a per song basis.

pic of me Mastering a song.png
Zizzer playing guitar.png

$50 per master copy

Call for a Quote

Mastering is the final process in the production of a song and is done after mixing. 

It is not taking a bad song and making it good.  It is simply more about a final balance of a song to help reach a target by making very minimal adjustments. 

There are different ways to master a song.  Are you wanting this on a CD or are you streaming?  Are you mastering a song for loudness or dynamic?  All of our mixing packages come with a master but if you want another master or a song mastered differently, we can do that too.  Maybe you want to target an integrated -14 LUFS with a true peak of -2db striving for best results when distributed to multiple streaming platforms like Spotify and itunes.  Or if this is for a CD, we can master it with a 0db with no clipping. You let us know what you want, and we can work something out.  Having us produce a master would not require you to book a session, so just contact us by phone or email and we can go from there.

Each Master would be $50 a piece.

Here is a topic

Productions are done throughout the whole process of producing a song. A finished song is also a production.


Each instrument that is played is its own production.

  • Guitar

  • Drums

  • Bass

  • Piano

  • Synths

  • Other instruments

  • Writing the lyrics / composing the composition 

  • Singing and recording the vocals

         Then there's the mixing part of production. 

  • Gain staging

  • Noise Reduction

  • Pitch and Time Corrections

  • Compression

  • Equalizing 

  • Adding effects

  • Modulations

  • Automations

  • and more

I play multiple instruments.  I play all the instruments I have here in the studio.  If you would like to add music or extra instruments to your song,  I can do that as well.  However, I do not have a service package for that because that would be very individualized and require a consultation.  To set up a consultation click here

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